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"Having been frustrated in tailoring EVERY piece of clothing purchased off the rack, I was enticed by the idea to come to a custom suit fitting with EPH by a friend. From the first fitting through to today, I have been increasingly impressed with the expanded offerings, the quick turnaround of the clothing, and the attention to customer service."

- Bob Somers, Architect

"Purchasing my suit from EPH Apparel was a great experience and I absolutely love wearing it. The best fitted suit that I have ever owned and very comfortable to boot. I am a full time wedding photographer and I require a sharp, well fitted and durable outfit for a long day of work. EPH Apparel is my first and only recommendation for all of my grooms that book with me... such a pleasure to wear and photograph. Thanks EPH!"

- Curtis Moore, Wedding Photographer

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May 29, 2013

Custom-made suits no longer just for the ultra-wealthy

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"There is a misconception in men's fashion that the more you pay, the better you look. Wrong! Paying a fraction of what I would have for a designer custom suit, EPH delivered a great fitting, high end product - and the process of choosing my materials and custom fitting was quick and easy (almost too easy). The end result and reception I've received speaks for itself. EPH has a customer for life!"

- Matthew Corrin, Founder & CEO - Freshii

"The EPH team did a great job of teaching our people the basics of how to construct a professional wardrobe, stretching their investment in business attire a long way. Our people really enjoyed the event, and we’re looking forward to having them back again."

- Joe Cyr, President - Price Industries Limited

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