The Eph Story

  • Made-to-Measure is no longer the sole domain of Wall Street CEO's and high powered executives. Born of the frustration in finding suits that were both affordable and well-fitting, EPH Apparel launched in 2010 with the mission of dressing every man in a suit that fits – regardless of the size of his wallet.

By utilizing a unique approach, EPH Apparel offers each customer the ability to be the architect of his own suit at a fraction of the price of a traditional retailer. Customers are empowered to design their suit from the ground up: cuff to lapel, pocket to jacket liner, collar to monogram, in any of over one thousand different fabrics.

EPH is changing the way the modern man buys his suits – instead of window browsing and sifting through racks we come to you: to your office, to your city, to your home PC via our revolutionary e-commerce platform that lets you create a unique measurement profile that you can use to purchase at the click of a button –all backed by our Flawless Fit Guarantee and industry leading customer service